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What is Cell Phone Insurance?

Cell phone insurance works just like other kinds of insurance. You pay a premium each month in exchange for the assurance that if your phone is damaged or stolen, you’ll be compensated for its replacement.
Some providers offer cell phone insurance as an add-on to their mobile service plans. Other companies offer plans designed to cover any phone, regardless of the carrier.

Why do you need cell phone insurance?

Having a cell phone is part of life these days. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning to getting home at night, our cell phones are always with us. Whether it helps us with work, school, or just keeping in touch with friends and family, our phones are never too far away.
While we may not be able to live without them, our phones can get damaged or lost—and that’s where having cell phone insurance comes in handy. With cell phone coverage plans, you can rest assured that your favorite device will be taken care of if something does happen to it.

What’s covered within Cell Phone Insurance?

With cell phone insurance, you’re covered against:
-accidental damage
-unavoidable mechanical breakdown
You can protect your phone from the moment it arrives on your doorstep.

Do you feel like you know everything about cell phone insurance?

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